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We have been searching for a better education for our children and we found out about Learning Castle. We were amazed with the ways they teach learners to learn new skills. They consider teaching as a form of art and that is really awesome.
The learner focused curriculum at Learning Castle Preschool is highly effective. I can tell that my child has improved a lot in several aspects. I do appreciate that the teachers are willing to spend extra time after school to ensure that students are learning some key concepts. This is definitely a quality learning experience for our child.
I really appreciate their curriculum because it allows my child to work in a very comfortable and challenging pace. He is also involved in group lessons, which is very important to his development as a learner. The teachers are also always available to offer assistance and are very approachable. I would highly recommend this school.
LCP really helped my child learn a lot and to become equipped with the right amount of knowledge to prepare him in his future endeavors. I am really thankful to the teachers and staffs here who are so dedicated to teaching.
What I love the most about LCP is the design of their curriculum. It is perfect for students who are comfortable working at their own pace. The group lessons are really awesome as well. It allow students to learn to work in harmony with their peers. Amazing program!
The curriculum at LCP is really good. It provides the kids with a solid foundation on education which they will treasure for a very long time. Students will enjoy their entire experience here.
You can definitely tell that the staff and teachers care for your children. They are always very accessible at the school office, even after school. They have done a great job at preparing my child for high school. Thank you so much for taking good care of my kids. To all the staff member and teacher at LCP, you guys are definitely amazing.
I am happy to share my experience of having both of my children graduate from LCP. Our daughter Meg entered LCP for 6th grade in 2011 after attending our local public school. We were so happy with everything at LCP that we pulled our son, Miles out of public school after his 3rd grade year and had him begin in 2012. We were immediately impressed with how well the staff and teachers cared for our children. From helping them out of our car in the morning, to noticing what they did or did not eat at lunch, watching social interactions and of course teaching and coaching them academically. Our daughter struggled in math and we were so happy to have the option of extra help after school in homework room as well as the option of having a teacher tutor her individually. The extra intervention really helped her to stay at grade level in a class that was a challenge for her. I love how LCP really meets the child where they are and helps them understand the material before moving on to the next concept. While she was in public school they would teach to a large group and if you did not get the concept, they just marched along to the next one and didn’t seem to notice. The practice of having the parents sign all of the homework and tests really helped to keep the parents in touch with what was going on with their child’s education, as well as having the current grades online to view at any time. I found the teachers to be very accessible and present in the school office before, during and after school to both the students and teachers. I often chatted with my childrens’ teachers about how they were doing in general and it was not unusual to get an update via telephone call or e-mail if there was even one low grade on a test or missing assignment. I really appreciated the connectedness and availability of the teachers and administrators at LCP. Let’s face it; junior high is a rocky time for our children when they are on a bridge of going back and forth between being a child and wanting to be an adult. I feel that LCP does a great job of giving them more responsibility and pushing them academically while at the same time preparing them to matriculate into respected high schools. LCP did an amazing job in guiding our family toward the right private high school for each of our children. I feel that this is what they really do best. They have relationships with all of the local private high schools and they were able to consult with us on what the right school is for our child. Both of our children were accepted by their first choice private high schools. Our daughter is currently a senior at Mayfield Senior School is Pasadena and our son will begin his freshman year at St. Francis this fall. I know that the test prep instruction, guidance with applications, recommendations, guidance on interview skills, etc. all helped a great deal in this process and we are so grateful for the outcome.The extracurricular activities at LCP were another huge part of our children’s experience at LCP and are not found at other schools. We all know what a wonderful theater program LCP has and our children really enjoyed it. Public school would not have offered the rigorous sports program at this level of schooling. Both of our kids played a sport each season starting in 6th grade and learned so much about themselves, leadership, social skills, respect, competition, team work and of course developed physical skills in the process. I am so glad that they were able to play and experience volleyball, basketball, football and soccer. We experienced that high school sports are very competitive and children don’t always make the cut for the teams so it is great that they can experience these sports, often for the first time, at LCP. Both of our children attended the week long trips to Washing D.C and New York/Boston in the 7th and 8th grades. I am go glad that they experienced traveling with their peers and under the caring and watchful eyes of the LCP teachers and staff. So it is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye after 6 years at LCP. We have become very attached to the staff and teachers at LCP because when you see others caring, loving and guiding your precious children it leaves an impression on your heart. In looking back over the years I can really see how much everyone cared for Meg and Miles and my husband and I are so grateful for each and every teacher and staff member for all that they did to help them on their journey.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for being the most superb school leaders. Your leadership during the last 18 years has been remarkable and inspiring! It has been a joy to watch Denver and Blu flourish academically, and socially. They are kind, poised, intelligent and steady young ladies thanks to your program. They are highly prepared for high school and college and will be taking with them a sound educational foundation thanks to you.The administrative staff and teachers were exceptional. They always offered the proper guidance and counseling and I encourage them to continue that outreach because it had such a great impact on my girls. Additionally, I take great comfort in knowing we shared the same ideology about discipline and student citizenship. I trusted you completely to address any issues that surfaced with my girls and apply the proper disciple. You respectfully always valued my thoughts and input. I truly appreciate everything you have done and the time you have taken to invest in my girls future. Please continue to guide, inspire and share wisdom. I profoundly wish you and the school continued greatness!
LCPs unique independent learner focused curriculum allows students to work at a pace that is both challenging and comfortable at the same time. Group lessons with personalized study based on level of understanding ensures students who are gifted in a certain subject are moving ahead and given a more rigorous assignment while those for whom a concept is harder to grasp are allowed time and given extra help to ensure their understanding and comprehension as well. This more personalized approach allows for flexibility in scheduling and often learners are provided with extra time for their favorite or more challenging subjects. Teachers in all subjects are available for extra time after school as well. These adjustments also work well for students whose passions and talents may be art or athletic based. Allowing for academic schedules to be flexible ensures our students have opportunities to participate at competitive levels outside of school in music, dance, theater and a variety of sports. The extra attention and understanding helps to increase a student's confidence and enjoyment of learning while reducing the anxiety many face when a concept is particularly tough to grasp.
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